Vitiligo: Michael Jackson Skin Disease

It was in 1993 when Michael Jackson skin disease became a hot issue. That year, the King of Pop admitted in Oprah Winfrey Show that he was diagnosed with skin diseases called vitiligo back in 1986. In that show, he stated that the disease was confirmed by some medical professionals. There are so many speculations about Michael Jackson’s skin pigment change now and then, but when we compare and take a careful look at his skin appearance from time to time, we could see some changes and heavy make up use for a camouflage of his skin tone and of course the depigmentation.


We could see it clearly on the face and hands. It becomes one of the reasons why this king of pop always wear hand gloves, which coincidentally become one of his popular identities. What is Michael Jackson skin disease?

Michael Jackson skin disease is Vitiligo

Vitiligo is popular as the Michael Jackson skin disease. This is a condition when the skin pigment called melanocytes, which duty is to give color to the skin has limited number due to destruction. The exact cause of this destruction remains unknown. The most possible cause is the body’s immunity that destroys the cells. Even though the Michael Jackson skin disease could occur in any races, but people with dark skin are more fragile to this incurable disease. This disease affects up to 2 percent of the population. People with autoimmune disease are also having the higher risk of vitiligo.

Michael Jackson skin disease Symptoms and Treatment

The Michael Jackson skin disease symptoms could come in a night. The pigment loss could be quite rapid. Here are some of the symptoms of the disease.

  1. White patches on the skin that will be followed by any condition progression.
  2. White patches or discoloration in the skin areas that often get sun exposure like hands and in body folds like armpits.
  3. The Michael Jackson skin disease could also affect the eyelids and hairs and once it appears, it could not return to the normal skin tone.

For the Michael Jackson skin disease treatment, the dermatologist will make a diagnosis through physical exam. Since vitiligo is incurable disease, then there isn’t any cure for it yet. However, there are some treatments that could help the patients such as skin grafting, depigmentation on the unaffected skin, repigmentation with UV light therapy and many others. Depigmentation on the unaffected area is might be the most possible solution done by Michael Jackson.

The term Michael Jackson skin disease occurs since this singer admitted that he has the disease. The battle to this disease is clearly seen and goes public, that’s why people call vitiligo as Michael Jackson skin disease. In June 25th, the date of Michael Jackson’s death, there was a strong movement to make the day as vitiligo day. However, the idea is hard to realize due to the controversies in the king of pop’s life.  Until nowadays, vitiligo skin appearance is often seen in negative way. Many people have poor understanding on vitiligo and feel afraid that the person that has vitiligo has a virus or other disease, while actually it is a discoloration that definitely not contagious. The Michael Jackson skin disease awareness day could actually a good way to educate people about this disease.

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